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Fast 24 Hour Repair Service 

Professional Bike Repairs 

Covid19 Compliant


Health Check Video Report FOC :


   1.   Check brake components for wear

   2.  Headset/fork & handle bar for correct operation

   3.  Pedal condition

   4.  Wheels run free & true

   5.  Drive Train components operate freely & true

   6.  Chain for condition & wear 

   7.  Condition of all levers & cables 

   8.  Tyre/inner tube condition.

   9.  Road Test & Anti-Bac

Bicycle Shed Service : £30

  1. Pump-Up Tyres and initial road test to check gear change and brake efficiency

  2. Remove wheels, Over-Inflate and check tyres and inner tubes for damage & report on Wheel bearings

  3. Check & Lubricate gear shifting mechanisms

  4. Check & Lubricate brake mechanisms

  5. Check, Clean & lubricate chain

  6. Check Crank/Bottom Bracket for correct operation & lube where accessible

  7. Check Head-Set bearings & Lubricate where accessible

  8. Check condition of ALL Brake & Gear cables

  9. Road Test & Anti-Bac


Extras :


  1. Labour is charged @ £25/Hr and reduced to £20 when linked in with a service 

  2. Bottom bracket Service/Replacement - £25/20 + Parts

  3. Strip, clean & re-grease wheel bearings - £20 Each/ £30/Pair + Parts if required

  4. Brake/Gear Inner Cable From £10 each Fitted(Not Hidden)

  5. Brake blocks & Disc Pads: Supplied & Fitted from £10 

  6. Head-Set Service/Replacement - £25 + Parts

  7. Brake Hydraulic fluid replacement x 1 = £20/30 + Parts

  8. Wheel True/Straighten - £15/£30 with bearing service

  9. Rear Derailleur Hanger Alignment Adjust - £20/15

  10. Inner tubes from £15 fitted

  11. Wash - £7 When included with a service or £15 

  12. Detailed Clean, includes removing the crank, cable guides, front & rear derailleur’s & Polish £35, when linked in with a service or £45

Lube/Annual Service: £45

(Up to 105 & Plus any Parts Required)


  1. Initial road test checking operation of gears,                    brakes and steering.

  2. Remove both wheels, Strip wheel bearings,                    Re-Grease and adjust. 

  3. Lubricate Front & Rear Gear shifting mechanisms.

  4. Lubricate & Adjust Front & Rear Brake mechanisms.

  5. lubricate chain.

  6. Check & Report on crank/bottom bracket; For correct operation & lubricate where accessible.

  7. Remove Steering Stem & Lubricate top bearing etc 

  8. Check & Report on condition of Tyres & Pressures.

  9. Index/Dial in Front & Rear gears.

  10. Road Test & Anti-Bac.

105 & On £20 Extra £65. 

     1. Remove ChainSet & Check BB & Lube where accessable

     2. Inspect & Lubricate Bottom HeadSet Bearing  

     3. Carbon Anti-Slip Grease Applied Where Required



  Major Service : £100

(Lube/Annual Service + Below)

(Up To 105 & Plus any Parts Required)


  1. Lube/Annual Service bits PLUS !

  2. Remove chain, degrease & lube

  3. Remove crank & inspect bearings, clean & lube

  4. Strip Down Head Set, Clean & Re-Grease

  5. Degrease & lube rear gear derailleur mechanism

  6. Degrease & lube front gear derailleur mechanism

  7. Wash bike

  8. Supply & Fit ALL !  Inner cables(Parts included) Add £10 For Hydraulice Brakes & Less £10 for Di2 etc

  9. Road Test & Anti-Bac

105 & On £20 Extra £120. 

    1. Clean & Lubricate BOTH ! Levers

    2. Remove BOTH ! Derailleurs for cleaning

    3. Carbon Anti-Slip Grease Applied Where Required



Weybridge Cycles has developed rapidly over the last 12 months due to the Covid 19 outbreak. We have decided to 'Up Our Game' and  have part converted one of out P.A. Delivery Vans(Daylight Audio) to be able to collect and carry out repairs on your bicycles.

My Personal extensive mechanical knowledge of over 35 years and my outstanding attention to detail due to being Porsche Trained has enabled me to understand and repair bicycles to a very high standard. 
More importantly and to everyone's advantage: The Transport minister has launched the new £50 Voucher scheme to encourage people, that have unroadworthy bikes in their sheds to get them out, serviced and enable them to be used on cycle paths and roads. 

Weybridge Cycles has been approved by the 'Department For Transport' along with the 'Energy Saving Trust' to carry out these 'ESSENTIAL' Repairs, so your bike will be in safe hands.
We have a large stock of fast moving spares like :inner-tubes, Brake & Gear Cables, Crank & Head Set Bearings and have methods in place to get most spares required overnight, so within 24Hrs we can hopefully get your bike back in roadworthy condition.

We work with some of the best

Cycle brands in the world


The £50 Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme :


This scheme which is run by the 'Department Of Transport & The 'Energy Saving Trust is aimed to encourage more people in England to embrace cycling as an alternative to private cars and public transport, particularly while social distancing measures are in place. The scheme will be open to anyone who has an unused cycle in need of a repair. It will help them get it back on the road by providing £50 towards the cost of a service and repair for up to two cycles per household.

Redemption Of The £50 Vouchers: 


In order for vouchers to be eligible for redemption,

1)the individual claiming the voucher must be 18 or over.

2)The repairs must be Eligible Repairs.

3)The voucher must be valid at the point of redemption.

4)Vouchers will cover up to £50 per cycle towards the Eligible Repairs and parts   that need replacement as part of the Eligible Repairs.

5)The cycle owner will need to pay the remainder cost if the cost is greater       than the £50 Voucher.

6)If the cost of the service is below £50, the voucher will only cover for the effective cost of the transaction (less than £50)

Fix Your Bike Website Link : https://fixyourbikevoucherscheme.est.org.uk/